Homemade Bibimbap

So this is not really a travel post but it is influenced by my recent trip to South Korea.

I have wanted to try cooking Korean food for a while and today I did.

I attempted my own bibimbap, as its one of my favourite Korean dishes. I used thinly sliced beef marinated in soy sauce and seasame oil as the main part. I then sautéed spinach, carrots, mushrooms and bean sprouts. 

Luckily, where we live there is a large korean population so getting hold of Korean ingredients such as the chilli sauce (gochujong) and the kimchi needed for this recipe is easy.

As a final touch I added a fried egg on top. Here is my first attempt at bibimbap.


Sushi finally!

We tried some amazing food in Japan and we wanted to explore food other than sushi and we can get pretty good sushi at home. 

So after a week experimenting, we had to have some sushi. 

I spent the morning at a cooking school, learning how to make cute bento boxes. Whilst I was doing this, John found this great little sushi restaurant. We had a huge feast! The prices were set which meant we could have a selection of the more expensive fatty tuna for a very reasonable price.

We had salmon, row and tuna nigiri along with tuna rolls.