Korea again!

For the labour day long weekend we headed to Seoul again. I really love this city! We went with some friends from work and it was a really good weekend! I can now say I’m a huge fan of baseball and the LG Twins. This was my first baseball experience but it didn’t disappoint.

We returned to the same bibimbap restaurant we visited before. The restaurant set in a traditional Korean building on the side of the hill just below the North Seoul Tower. This time we ordered the raw beef bibimbap instead of the bulgogi option. It was delicious, the beef was so tender it melted on your tongue. The only downside to this though was it became somewhat lost in amongst the rice and pickles. Overall it was a very successful lunch and I would return again next time we are in Seoul. 

So here is the raw beef bibimbap plus a photo of me looking very excited by my lunch.


Teddy Bento Cooking Course

While in Japan a couple of weeks ago I joined a cooking school for a session of cute bento making. It was run by Tokyo Kitchen, Asakusa. It was a great class and I really enjoyed making the different parts of the lunch box.

Here are some photos of the class:

The egg roll was the most difficult part.
The view!
Stirring and fanning at the same time is quite a challenge!
Teriyaki Scallops
Nori cheese roll and ham flower
Teddy tofu sushi