Stone Bowl Bibimbap

So my quest to make my Korean food more authentic continues with my purchase of traditional stone bowls for bibimbap. I originally wanted to buy these just as a present for my parents for when we travel home next week, but I had to get us two also. I have shared photos of our Korean food with my parents – BBQ, bibimbap, kimchi etc and they were interested to try it themselves. There are still only a few Korean restaurants in England so they want to have a go at cooking it themselves.

Anyway, I tried out the stone bowls last night. I heated them on the hob and added the rice. It sizzled away for a few minutes. I probably could have left them a bit longer but didn’t want to burn the rice the first time. I added all the vegetables and beef as normal and finally the gochujung sauce. 

I have to say the crunchy bits of rice from the bottom of the hot, sizzling bowl did add a great new texture to the dish. It was no more effort than normal so I think I would use the bowls again for bibimbap. And to be honest, I quite like he bit of theatre it adds!

Here are the photos:


Chinese BBQ

We met friends on Saturday evening who have recently moved into our compound, at an outdoor patio restaurant opposite the apartments. They were eager to try the food. We have eaten the BBQ skewers, δΈ² there before but without much success so we were keen too.

Our friend speak Chinese so we let her do the ordering. She ordered clams, edamame beans, BBQ vegetables and pork skewers. The food was good and I think we would go back. The clams were an interesting choice as we do not really eat seafood in Qingdao. They were spicy and tasted good. 

Here are the photos:


Homemade Korean BBQ

A few weeks ago we were invited for dinner at a Korean friend’s house. She wanted to test out her new Korean BBQ set. It was really good and an all round success. I liked it so much in fact that I ordered one myself. Last night we had our first homemade Korean BBQ. We used good quality beef and some thinly sliced pork. We had a variety of mushrooms as well. We made up the sauce ourselves and had some delicious kimchi too.