Breakfast Pizza

Flying through Hong Kong airport always gets me excited about the prospect of having Pizza Express. It makes a great change from the usual food in Chinese airports. The best bit is that no matter what time of day you can still get a pizza. My new favourite is their breakfast pizza. We flew through Hong Kong on our way from Manila to Qingdao after a weeks diving in the Philippines.

The pizza is made from their usual great pizza dough with tomato sauce, pancetta, cheese, cherry tomatoes and rocket with a lovely, runny egg baked into the middle. This is a great way to revive yourself after a long flight and to prepare for the next one!

Breakfast Pizza

St Patricks Day Cakes

For St Patricks Day this year I wanted to make some cakes. Here are my Irish cupcakes. They were not a huge success but the Baileys in the icing made up for anything the cakes were lacking. I liked practising my piping and think they at least look quite good.

They were Guinness cupcakes with Baileys buttercream frosting.

Irish Cupcakes Irish Cupcakes

Homemade Pizza

We have developed a sort of tradition now of eating healthily during the week and saving ourselves for a naughtier / bigger meal on the weekends. These meals have become known as our weekend ‘feasts’. I think this idea came from when I was younger and we would have bigger meals on the weekend, particularly those that involved my dad cooking, my sister and I always enjoyed choosing our special Saturday night dinner.

We have had many recently feasts since its beginnings including pulled pork, BBQ ribs, roasts and the ultimate feast ‘a massive curry’ (John’s words). We realised though that we had not cooked pizza at home before, or at least not proper homemade pizzas anyway. So John set me the task of creating pizzas that were weekend feast worthy. I think I lived up to the challenge.

I used the bread machine to make the dough which was really easy. I added a spicy pesto we have found here and tomato paste for the sauce. Then for the toppings we had one pizza with salami and one with ham and pineapple. Unfortunately we cannot buy proper, real mozzarella balls here but can get a good alternative in the form of pre-grated mozzarella. A quick sprinkle of chilli to keep John satisfied and they were ready to stick in the oven.

Here are the final pizzas looking good and hot from the oven:

Ham and Pineapple Pizza
Salami Pizza
Salami Pizza