Homemade Yogurt

I seem to be late to the homemade yogurt party. I thought I was being creative but the more I talk to people about this, the more it seems I have missed a trend. When living in Asia, or anywhere away from home, there is always a trade off between how much you want that ingredient you are familiar with and how much you are willing to pay for it. We can get most things here but the prices of some are just ridiculous. It has always bugged me how much yogurt costs here. Sweet, fruit, full-fat yogurts are cheap and readily available but trying to find skimmed or low fat plain unsweetened yogurt at a reasonable price is hard. So much so that I don’t buy it anywhere near as often as I would like to.

Fast forward to the last couple of weeks. I finally got around to googling how to make yogurt. I was amazed! Who knew it was so easy! I have definitely been missing out. So after a bit of reading on the subject and a bit of searching Taobao.com (Huge, Chinese online retailer) I ordered a yogurt maker and the starting cultures. I know you do not need a yogurt machine to make yogurt but at about £3.50 for the set I felt it was easier than using a thermometer to measure the temperatures etc. It was fair to say I was a little excited, probably way more excited than I should have been over a yogurt maker.

Once it arrived, I took no time in putting it all to good use. I started with whole milk as I had read that it was the easiest and produced the most reliable results. I have to admit that the thought of it taking hours to make, frustrated me immensely. I just wanted it to be ready now. Anyway, I left it to get on with its bacterial, microbial, probiotic job. I had everything ready for breakfast the next day.

I was not disappointed! The yogurt turned out to be thick and creamy and delicious. It was as good, if not better than anything store bought. I paired it with fruit and oats for breakfast which was delicious and I made up a couple of small jars with honey and jam for John and I as a snack for work the next day.

That was a few days ago now and I have eaten lots of yogurt. It seems to get better with time which has been great. I am looking forward to trying another batch with low fat milk and adding different flavourings.

I urge you all to try making your own yogurt, it is worth any effort! I didn’t take many photos of my first attempt but there is my proud Instagram post below. I will try to document the process better next time.

First pot of homemade yogurt! Delicious! #yogurt #homemade #food #foodie #instafood

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Malaysian Tom Yum

I have been in Kota Kinabalu for a few days now, initially for a conference and now for a holiday. John flew down to join me on Friday so yesterday was the first day of our holiday properly. The conference was great but now it is time to relax…and eat!

John had a quick look at a few blogs for inspiration for lunch and came across a food blog written by Thanis Lim. He wrote a post (click here to read the post) on a his blog about a Chinese Malay restaurant in town. Being a huge fan of Tom Yum, John knew this would go down well with me. I was very keen and so after I finished my morning sessions we head out to find it.

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