Biryani Quest Malaysia

We are both huge fans of biryani and so while in Malaysia in the summer we had to try and find the best biryani we could. John did some research online and found a little place that was described as the best biryani, it was also described as being a very local place. That was a pretty accurate description as it turned out. We managed to find the place after a bit of hunting around. It is quite hidden away from a main street.

It is an open-fronted, canteen style restaurant with all the different curries on display at the back. We were the only non Indian / Malay people there, which got us both excited about how authentic the food would be. We ordered a few different things through pointing and broken English. It was a bit daunting but John is always up for a mystery meal.

The biryani was amazing and even better than we had anticipated. The curry’s were delicious, the meat tender and tasty and the sauces were so flavourful. We had quite a lot of food and were very full at the end but it was totally worth it.

The photos below are the different dishes we ordered.

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