Teddy Bento Cooking Course

While in Japan a couple of weeks ago I joined a cooking school for a session of cute bento making. It was run by Tokyo Kitchen, Asakusa. It was a great class and I really enjoyed making the different parts of the lunch box.

Here are some photos of the class:

The egg roll was the most difficult part.
The view!
Stirring and fanning at the same time is quite a challenge!
Teriyaki Scallops
Nori cheese roll and ham flower
Teddy tofu sushi

Sushi finally!

We tried some amazing food in Japan and we wanted to explore food other than sushi and we can get pretty good sushi at home. 

So after a week experimenting, we had to have some sushi. 

I spent the morning at a cooking school, learning how to make cute bento boxes. Whilst I was doing this, John found this great little sushi restaurant. We had a huge feast! The prices were set which meant we could have a selection of the more expensive fatty tuna for a very reasonable price.

We had salmon, row and tuna nigiri along with tuna rolls.

Cheap, amazing Michelin star sardines at Nakajima!

We had read about this great, little Michelin starred restaurant on TripAdvisor and we’re excited about the prospect of high quality food for such a low price. So on our second day in Tokyo we aimed to have lunch there. It was easy enough to find, with help from Google maps and photos online. It is down a set of stairs hidden away behind a wall.

The restaurant has only four options – sashimi sardines, breaded and fried sardines, grilled sardines and grilled sardines in steamed egg. We went for the first three, not liking the sound of the steamed egg too much.

The sardines come with soup, rice and some pickled vegetables. 

We were sat at the bar, which gave us a great view of the chefs at work. By this point I was very excited as I love fish and particularly sardines. This photo is of the chef preparing our sardine sashimi, which we ate with ginger and soy.

Below are our grilled and fried sardines. All three dishes were amazing, and well worth the visit. They were cooked really well and the flavours were delicious. 

The restaurant is well worth a visit and we will try to return next time we are in Tokyo!