Stone Bowl Bibimbap

So my quest to make my Korean food more authentic continues with my purchase of traditional stone bowls for bibimbap. I originally wanted to buy these just as a present for my parents for when we travel home next week, but I had to get us two also. I have shared photos of our Korean food with my parents – BBQ, bibimbap, kimchi etc and they were interested to try it themselves. There are still only a few Korean restaurants in England so they want to have a go at cooking it themselves.

Anyway, I tried out the stone bowls last night. I heated them on the hob and added the rice. It sizzled away for a few minutes. I probably could have left them a bit longer but didn’t want to burn the rice the first time. I added all the vegetables and beef as normal and finally the gochujung sauce. 

I have to say the crunchy bits of rice from the bottom of the hot, sizzling bowl did add a great new texture to the dish. It was no more effort than normal so I think I would use the bowls again for bibimbap. And to be honest, I quite like he bit of theatre it adds!

Here are the photos: