Malaysian Tom Yum

I have been in Kota Kinabalu for a few days now, initially for a conference and now for a holiday. John flew down to join me on Friday so yesterday was the first day of our holiday properly. The conference was great but now it is time to relax…and eat!

John had a quick look at a few blogs for inspiration for lunch and came across a food blog written by Thanis Lim. He wrote a post (click here to read the post) on a his blog about a Chinese Malay restaurant in town. Being a huge fan of Tom Yum, John knew this would go down well with me. I was very keen and so after I finished my morning sessions we head out to find it.

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Central Market Kuala Lumpur

We have visited the Central Market in KL a couple of times before and so this time was all about food! Along the right hand side of the central market is a street full of street vendors selling food, souvenirs, fake branded clothing etc. It is also lined with some amazing canteen style restaurants. We visited a different restaurant on a previous trip to KL and I think this was better.

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Biryani Quest Malaysia

We are both huge fans of biryani and so while in Malaysia in the summer we had to try and find the best biryani we could. John did some research online and found a little place that was described as the best biryani, it was also described as being a very local place. That was a pretty accurate description as it turned out. We managed to find the place after a bit of hunting around. It is quite hidden away from a main street.

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