Homemade Korean BBQ

A few weeks ago we were invited for dinner at a Korean friend’s house. She wanted to test out her new Korean BBQ set. It was really good and an all round success. I liked it so much in fact that I ordered one myself. Last night we had our first homemade Korean BBQ. We used good quality beef and some thinly sliced pork. We had a variety of mushrooms as well. We made up the sauce ourselves and had some delicious kimchi too.


Midweek Deliciousness!

After much persuasion from John and almost desperate attempts to convince me that Indian was the best way forward, we trekked to our new found Indian Restaurant. It is set in a mall so not the best location but the food is pretty good – some of the best we have had in China.



We love getting a variety of food. We ordered butter chicken, chana masala and another chicken dish. We had a vegetable biryani to go with it too.


A food we discovered in India last year was masala poppadums. We ate lots and lots of them there and have ordered them whenever we have Indian food since. This restaurant serve theirs loaded with cucumber, tomato and onion all dressed in a delicious sauce.


IMG_3485 IMG_3486


When it comes to bread, John and I have quite different tastes. I love kheema naan bread with the spicy, flavourful meat inside the bread itself. John however prefers stuffed parathas.

Even though this restaurant is in a mall and mainly frequented by local Chinese it has a really nice Indian feel and the food is very good. We will be back!