Chinatown – Singapore







Even though our favourite food in Singapore is by far the variety of Indian food available, we wanted to try out the different Chinese food the city has to offer. After a walk through the rain and an expensive couple of drinks we made it to Chinatown and the seemingly endless row of steaming food stalls.

G & T under a black light!



Chinatown is Singapore’s traditional Chinese quarters and whilst the entire city of Singapore is largely Chinese, the area still retains some of its original charm. This particular area has lots of older style buildings with food stalls running down the centre. We walked past all the food stalls at first trying to decide what to eat from the huge selection of Chinese and Asian delights.

Singapore & Borneo_12 22 14_0324
Chinatown Food Street


Once we had found a table as were well stocked with Tiger beer we set off to make our selections. I really wanted to try the stir-fried noodles from this stall. I watched him cooking the food in this huge pan adding different vegetables, sauces and meat to the noodles.

Stir-frying my chicken noodles



Adding some bean sprouts and the meat



The end result was a delicious plate of fried chicken noodles and pork fried rice. They were both very good and made all the better with the hot chilli paste we added to the mix.

Singapore & Borneo_12 22 14_0326
Chicken Noodles



Singapore & Borneo_12 22 14_0325
Pork Fried Rice





Singapore & Borneo_12 22 14_0327
Spicy chilli paste


John went off exploring next and returned with some very nice satay skewers alongside a peanut, spicy sauce. He got us a selection of beef and chicken skewers and both were very tasty – it was just a shame there wasn’t more meat on each! These went particularly well with our cold glasses of Tiger! Nothing will come before Singapore’s Indian food for me but this meal made a nice change.

Singapore & Borneo_12 22 14_0328
Satay skewers and peanut sauce


Last evening in Singapore

Our last night in Singapore is always a sad one but we try to ensure we stock up on enough food to keep us going till next time! That final meal at the Tekka centre had to include another delicious biryani. This time with mutton and poppadoms to scoop up the fragrant rice. The colours of the food definitely add that extra something; the bright orange pickles, the rich shiny curry sauce and the golden yellow of the rice.

Singapore & Borneo_12 22 14_0300


Singapore & Borneo_12 22 14_0302




Singapore & Borneo_12 22 14_0303


At John’s request and to supplement our biryani we selected a few dishes from ‘Dean’s Nav Tandoor’. We have also visited here a few times and love their range of snacks, breads and of course their Tandoori Chicken. John’s first choice was this spicy green bean dish. Being a massive fan of green beans and chilli this was always going to go down well. It is a mix of spices, chilli, green beans, cauliflower and green peppers. It is a very good compliment to the biryani.


Singapore & Borneo_12 22 14_0301


The second dish John chose was of course Dean’s Tandoori Chicken. The smokey pieces of chicken are well flavoured and remain moist and succulent after being cooked. This is another dish that has bold, beautiful colours – the bright red and oranges. The chicken is served with a fresh onion and cucumber salad with a green chutney. I loved the smokey rich flavour of the chicken and it pairs so well with the sharp, fresh onion. This was definitely a last Tekka Centre feast!



Singapore & Borneo_12 22 14_0304

Singapore River Safari

What to do on a hot afternoon in Singapore? Having been to Singapore a couple of times we found we had seen the sights and followed the tours around the city. We came across a leaflet advertising the Singapore River Safari and its resident Pandas. We are huge fans of pandas and as John has not seen a real panda before we had to visit. We managed to catch the bus finally; after following the bus the entire way around a mall! It was an interesting walk around the safari with some interesting displays and collections of animals. We were more excited to meet this fine chap here. Life looks so easy being as a panda!












Singapore & Borneo_12 22 14_0208

After the excitement of seeing the pandas we felt the need to stop for refreshments. John selected two fine snacks which you can see below: fried chicken pieces and wontons. They were surprisingly nice for a zoo. Best thing about about this snack was the full range of condiments you could add to your meal. We tried soy sauce with chillies as a dipping sauce for the chicken.

Singapore & Borneo_12 22 14_0228

The wonton were cooked well and came with a spicy soy sauce. They were also a surprising find in a theme park. The best part of the visit had to be the coffees with the panda design on top!

Singapore & Borneo_12 22 14_0229 Singapore & Borneo_12 22 14_0230

Our other Tekka Centre favourite

To accompany our murtabak from my previous post, I also chose a mutton biryani. I have ordered briyani from the same stall every time I have visited Singapore. As you can see below, the flavoured rice and meat comes from a huge pot that takes pride of place at the front of the stall. The food all smells delicious.

The pot where the biryani is made.
The huge pot of biryani.

Once you have ordered the food is spooned on to a banana leaf and served with curry sauce and pickles.

The mutton briyani as served.
The mutton briyani as served.