Central Market Kuala Lumpur

We have visited the Central Market in KL a couple of times before and so this time was all about food! Along the right hand side of the central market is a street full of street vendors selling food, souvenirs, fake branded clothing etc. It is also lined with some amazing canteen style restaurants. We visited a different restaurant on a previous trip to KL and I think this was better.

The first thing you see as you walk past the restaurant is the huge tandor oven and the freestanding booth preparing and serving tandoori chicken and naan bread. The chicken has the amazing red colour you expect from a good tandoori and the smell was equally tantalising. I think my dad would like a tandor like this at home!

We ordered some of the chicken tikka, obviously, and then a naan which came with a couple of curry sauces.

The chicken was so tender and flavourful. It was spicy, but not over powering. It had a lovely smokey flavour and it is fair to say it didn’t last long.

Below is our plate of naan, dahl and curry sauce. The bread was fluffy and soft and perfect for moping up the sauces.

I just love that butter glistening on top!

I had to quickly snap a picture before it all disappeared!

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