Malaysian Tom Yum

I have been in Kota Kinabalu for a few days now, initially for a conference and now for a holiday. John flew down to join me on Friday so yesterday was the first day of our holiday properly. The conference was great but now it is time to relax…and eat!

John had a quick look at a few blogs for inspiration for lunch and came across a food blog written by Thanis Lim. He wrote a post (click here to read the post) on a his blog about a Chinese Malay restaurant in town. Being a huge fan of Tom Yum, John knew this would go down well with me. I was very keen and so after I finished my morning sessions we head out to find it.

The restaurant is a local, plastic chair type place, which in my opinion are always the most authentic and serve the most delicious food. We sat down and ordered a bowl of tom yum noodles each. The excitement was building. We didn’t have to wait long for our food. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the colour. The bowls were full of steaming soup, a gorgeous bring red colour with prawn heads sticking out. As you can see from the photo the colours were very vibrant. The next thing to grab my attention was the smell. My mouth was watering.

The soups were amazing! I was so impressed. The tom yum here is thicker and creamier than the Thai version. It made it a much more filling and satisfying meal. I will definitely be going back this week and I highly recommend it. We didn’t have anything else there but Thanis recommends a few other dishes in his post. Enjoy!

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